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30 day supply

Life as Intended

State of Mind is a proprietary blend designed to fill common deficiencies in the everyday diet. This supplement will help decrease anxiety, prevent cravings, increase energy, and improve overall well being.

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State of Mind is a blend of amino acids that we should be getting from our everyday diet. Because our food sources are not all grass fed, they are deficient in typical amino acid profiles. We are all eating depleted food sources giving rise to obesity, anxiety and depression. State of Mind will stop the racing mind, relieve anxiety, stop food cravings and ease depression. This is how life is intended!

“The number one thing that has improved in my daily life is my focus and calmness at work. I work at a high impact, high intensity workplace and this supplement definitely helps!”Nick G., Restaurant Owner

“It has made a huge difference in my daily life and how I think things through, function and how I approach any difficult situation I have. I just have more peace and calm.”Deena B., Lobbyist

“When I take State of Mind I just feel more focused at work. I have a high stress job and it not only brings down my anxiety but also brings me focus at work.”Tera F., Pharmaceutical Sales Recruiter

“When taking the supplement, especially as a small business owner, I not longer sweat the small stuff. For me, when I take State of Mind I am able to priorities things, but it is not eating me up inside about what I have to do the rest of the day. “Marshall H., Business Owner

“What I notice is lower anxiety and clearer thinking throughout the day, and that is really helping me out!”Neil H., Pharmaceutical Sales

“Since I started taking the supplement the thing I have noticed is energy and focus at work.”Tim S., COO of Bank

“I still have all of these outside stresses with being a mom, working full-time and house hold responsibilities. I feel like now I am better equipped to handle it all!Sarah B., Teacher

State of Mind
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